Deal or No Deal and the Gambling American

Deal or No Deal is a great show that, like the BuddyTV article states, taps into the American fascination with gambling. The contestants on Deal or No Deal are very diverse, as is America, and their reactions to specific situations are very different. However, if you look closer the way people play the game is more or less the same. People who go on the show are always looking for a big payday. Of course, right? Well, there really seems to be very, very little strategy ever coming from the people who play. No one seems to have set a limit or have told themselves if they get to a certain point they’ll stop. This should be obvious, right?

Shouldn’t these people, who money means a lot to, stop when they have enough to positively effect their lives? Deal or No Deal is indicative of the way people love to gamble in this country. On the show, stupid decision after stupid decision is made, sometimes even encouraged by the player’s loved ones. Greed is on display, but it isn’t diabolical. As the BuddyTV article makes clear: it’s more greed than gambling
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The gambler in everyone bursts out of their personality when on the show. It really is a sight to behold. I think my Grandma, the most pious woman on Earth, would succumb to the gambler within her and keep opening briefcases. Of course, watching people try to win huge sums of money is inherently compelling. We want people to prosper, especially when it is a wealthy TV network doling out the cash. But, we need to remember that gambling is not normally a good thing, yet it thrust upon us in such a nice, attractive package that it is nearly impossible to resist. Deal or No Deal is a big culprit in this.

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